You did a perfect job!

We spend now more than one month in the new house, and we felt no issues during the adaptation. We know already the important part in the “expat process” about to find a perfect house. A nice and cosy place helps a lot.

We really appreciate the time you spend for us, looking for our perfect house. You present to us a very nice selection of houses and including, in some part, it was difficult to take a decision; just because all the houses you present to us was very nice. You did a perfect job, quick, clean, and the most important: always smiling and gentle. I would like you to see my son, 8 years old, enter for first time in this new house, with eyes bigger than plates, laughing and going everywhere, enjoying himself this “new discovery”.

Nieuw Vennep is, in our opinion, a good choice for living. A lot of green areas, plenty of nice path for walking and running with the dogs. It’s perfect.

Thank you for your help.


Kinds Regards,



Mael, Marato, Guillaume, Hugo & Martin

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